If you don't know where your petard is, you are probably hanging by it....

I am not at all surprised that Don Otto's has gone out of business.

When they first opened I was looking forward to a place within walking distance that carried local produce. I went in exactly once and never went again. 

The guy behind the counter was really rude and tried to get me to buy the whole 5 pound piece of turkey when all I wanted was enough for one. He said that I had asked for a piece of turkey and if I didn't take the whole piece then he'd be stuck trying to sell the rest of it. He then banged the smaller piece on to the scale, and basically let it be known that I was really just being an annoying customer. I also bought a shallot that turned out to be shriveled up inside and some greens that wilted and got soggy on the 15 minute walk home. 

Thirty dollars later (yes, the most expensive turkey I have ever bought and I still regret not just literally running away from the whole situation) I walked home wondering how exactly I let myself get suckered into buying such pricey turkey and have just chalked it up to being a big wimp.

Oh well. At least I still have Russo's, Verrill Farm, and Diemand's Farm - where the produce is fresh and the people are friendly.

Also a snide aside: Don Otto's was the wrong name to follow Lionette's. People thought it was a bodega. Well, at least if it HAD been a bodega, it would still be IN business. Harumpf.


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