Alone, in the kitchen, with a fruitcake

I am recipe testing a fruitcake recipe for a friend.

Let me tell you that admitting to liking fruitcake is akin to admitting that you smoke crack twice a day and have a bottle of Hot Damn for breakfast.

No one ever believes it.

And if they do, they pity you. Love for fruitcake is the love that dare not show its face, it is the butt of every cake joke, the JuJube of the cake world, you get the point.

So when a fellow fruitcaker asked me to test out a fruitcake recipe I jumped on it like white on rice. And then I waited two weeks to make the damn thing.

Sometimes I wonder what the heck I am thinking.

Anyway, I think the recipe is a smashing recipe! Well it looks beautiful anyway. I am supposed to wait an hour before I can cut into it and use that hour to saturate it with bourbon cherry bounce.

Hmpf. We'll see how long I last.

Clearly my cellphone is working against me, not with me!


Mary said…
I happen to love fruitcake, smoking crack and hot damn. My mother made it every year when I was much younger and we would fight to get as many pieces as we could. My sister has taken over the making of it now. Our family recipe makes a ton and although my sister has decided to go with the clearly recognizable actual dried fruit, I prefer the bright green and yellow and red stuff that they call "fruitcake mix" in the grocery.
Annabelle B. said…
Ah a fellow fruitcaker! While I appreciate the idea of the fruitcake au naturel, I too prefer a "mixed fruit" cake. Hooray for #5 red!

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