Food lately

I am totally bored of writing about food. But I absolutely still love eating it.

Lately I've been pretty good about sticking to eating what I get from the weekly Farmers to You delivery.  Mind you there is not a great deal of variety right now, seeing as how it's technically still winter, but I quite honestly feel a million times better eating the same veg over and over instead of a variety of crap. 

I eat a lot of roasted veg at night. Not only does firing up the stove heat up the house just enough to last the night, but eating plain cooked veg (beets, carrots, onions) makes me feel less blergy. 

(Before you think I am all holier-than-thou on the "eat more veggies" wagon, please note that I do have an inner child that is totally pissed right now since I promised to only eat Lucky Charms and coffee ice cream as an adult... oh well.)

One item that I am now totally addicted to is the Mad River Grain bread from the Red Hen Bakery. When I dream of a chewy, grainy, delicious bread - THIS is the bread I am thinking of.

I have a slice of this bread with some jam, and a hard boiled egg for breakfast and I am set until lunch. 

Who would have thought that eating a little better would also mean eating a little less? Not me!


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