I like cheese.

Working for a cookbook publisher means that every now and then we get mysterious packages of food.

Almost always this is a good thing, especially since we also publish books on birthing babies and so far no one has mailed us a baby.

This is how I discovered delicious cherries from the Northwest (a 10lb bag no less), awesome red velvet cake from Daisy Cakes, stollen from Zingerman's that I could not resist, and most recently Palmetto Cheese.

Sounds gross, right? Well it does if, like me, you think it is some kind of vegan cheese made from a palmetto plant.

But no, this stuff is not that, not at all.

It's a kind of cheese paste that comes in a plastic tub, a kind of melange of shredded cheese, mayo, and spices. The one I nearly ate entirely on my own was the Palmetto Cheese with Bacon. This stuff is the perfect blend of all the sh*t that makes a person fat: it's savory and unctuous, delicious cold or hot and melted over leftover rice....

Turns out that pimento cheese is a "Southern thang", like sweet tea and red velvet cake. All I can say is amen to the internet and its ability to bring me stuff I never knew existed.

Further searching on said internet has turned up many a home recipe. I have to admit that while I am tempted to make it myself, I am a Yankee and I think my version of pimento cheese would lack a certain type of culinary abandon.

Which means that I will be ordering it. Oooh yeah.

In bulk.


I did make this cheese, after having it in Alabama. You're right, my Yankee skills just could not get the job done. It was missing something. Maybe Southern soul.

Annabelle B. said…
Good to know and thank you for saving me the trouble of trying to make it this far north of the Mason-Dixon line.

Again let me just say amen for the internet!

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