Macaroon, macaron, cookie, cooky, yeah, I'll eat it.

Unless of course it is a macaroon made with coconut. That's not right.

I love macaroons (macaron si vous êtes en France) but I love the almond ones that are just the cookie, not the fan-saaaay kind with the smooth tops, crinkly bases, and creamy fillings.

No, I just love the plain old almond macaroon in all its chewy deliciousness. When my great-aunt passed, they ordered trays of almond macaroons from "The Club" for the reception afterwards. My grandpa and I filled our pockets up and made a slow getaway then ate them in the car and said nice things about Aunt Ruth.

Man, that is how you want to be remembered, right?

Anyway, I stopped by Baccos Wine & Cheese Shop on New Year's Eve for some thing savory and guess what they sell?

Saint Emilion Macaroons. Handmade in Eastie. In a tub.

O crap.

Yeah, I bought a tub. Yep, you can totally feel free to judge me.

Me and my pancreas will just be lying over here in a coma. A delicious, delicious coma.

Happy New Year!


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