This is why I need to wire my jaw shut....

Went to lunch yesterday at Via Matta and stuffed myself stupid.

Basically it was a joyfully excessive carbohydrate overdose that left me in a drowsy food coma for the rest of the afternoon. I went straight home after work and I am pretty sure I was in bed at 7pm.

The pizza on the right is lamb sausage and sweet potato and it is really good. As is the spaghetti aglio e olio con pomodoro up there in the top of the photo. The crispy duck pizza on the left was good, but it turns out that I am not really in love with duck, and anyway anything with sweet potato will win me over every time - unfair advantage to tubers, story of my life.

(I should mention that I work for this restaurant organization in accounting and so get a discount, hooray!)

So today I am repenting with yogurt, fruit, and soup. And a haircut later to get some of this weight offa me.

Thankfully January is over today and I can forget all about my New Year's resolution to adhere to a more austere diet. No wonder Fat Tuesday comes the first week of February!


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