Old Man Winter

You wanna know why it's called Old Man Winter? It's because by January you are shuffling like an old fart in tatty slippers with a runny nose and the ambition of a limpet.

It's cold out, it snows, it sleets, it accidentally hits 60 degrees for one hot minute then minus 7 degrees the next, snot flows freely from every nose, and it is totally fine to go to bed when the sun goes down at 4:57pm.

I am tired and sun-deprived and all I want to do is eat toast with strawberries and Nutella until summer rolls around...


The child in me is like "ooh eat it, eeeeeeeeat it all!!!"  However my adult pancreas is like "B*TCH, PLEASE!"

So I compromised. Kind of.

I hacked a cauliflower into bits and sauteed it together with a can of chickpeas, some garlic, salt, pepper, and a bit of parsley.

I didn't even bother to pre-cook the cauliflower. Nope. Just rinsed the chickpeas. And added a little water while cooking just to prevent any scorching.

The whole thing came together in like 15 minutes. And it is SO good. 

Perfect thing to eat while cozying up in a cardigan, sweats, and slippers, after Nutella that is.


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