My Dark Secret

Ok I have to confess, I am hoping that our office doesn't actually produce enough Weight Watchers participants to have an "At Work" meeting.

Seriously. I am beginning to panic about this. Last night for example I ended up at dinner with only 10 points left.

Except for I was at my friend NewMommy's house and since her baby is only like 11 days old and she is nursing, she is still allowed to eat whatever the heck she wants and well being around a baby turned my brain to mush and I left the stupid points counter in the car and we wound up ordering Chinese food. Lots of gorgeous Chinese food: glistening dumplings, spicy chicken, creamy crab rangoon, moo shi chicken with plum sauce....

Probably that meal was about 48 points. But it tasted wonderful!

Although that now means that if I calculate everything correctly I can't eat anything but iceburg lettuce until Sunday to make up the points. And like 10 baby carrots.


Gah! It's not worth it to me to be completely cranky on 24 miserable little points a day


BFW (Tammy) said…
How is the point counting going? I have been SO bad this week! My excuse? Bronchitis. There's always an excuse... :) I'm hoping to get back on track next week. Good luck to you as well!!!
Annabelle B. said…
Hi Tammy!

Yeah, feed a cold right? The nice thing about WW is that you can easily get back on track.

I hate having any kind of cough or cold, so you have my sympathy. I am the worst patient. But I highly recommend the chicken pho from Sunrise Rang-Dong on Dot Ave.

Seriously, it really will cure you of anything!

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