Russo's - I hate that I love it so much :(

I have to get back in the groove of eating stuff I make from scratch.

I feel so much better when I do, and I eat less when I do.

So today I dragged the Evil Twin and her Boyyyyyfriend out to Russo's in Watertown because they needed a few things for dinner.

This is funny to me for a few reasons. Among them is the fact that it used to be that the Evil Twin only made reservations or coffee. Her interest in cooking has only recently increased in proportion to the amount of time she spends with the Boyyyyyfriend.

(Well except for the time she lived in Spain and called me to ask me how to make pommes frites. Which really taught me that I need to be very specific when giving directions because little potato cubes means something different to the Evil Twin. It must have taken her HOURS to make that dish... )

The other reason is because one time she was roasting a chicken and well, um, anyway, I don't want to make anymore fun of her culinary skills. It's the only skill I have that I can lord over her, so I need to use the power judiciously.

So what was I going on about?.....

Oh yeah, Russo's. What a major clusterf*ck of a place it is!

I knew it was going to be bad when we were walking in and a woman rammed into me with a trolley on her way out. Just 'cause she could.

Once inside, it only got worse. It's like being in a tilting box filled with ball bearings - everyone just ricochets off each other.

The aisles are barely wide enough to accommodate two trolleys side-by-side which is made worse by the employees wheeling out big gray stock carts out to constantly restock the shelves.

However the produce is so gorgeously displayed that all I want to do is stuff myself stupid with vegetables and greens.

Plus they carry a number of locally produced items, like my favorite Baer's beans, and local milk, and eggs, and pasta.

And the biggest reason I like shopping there is that not only does their checkout line move insanely fast, I get out of there for about half the price as I would at Whole Foods.

So now I have no reason to eat crappy because I have filled my fridge with lovely healthy low-point foods!


tammy said…
Yes, it takes a special kind of person to shop there. I go before 10 am on a weekday so I'm less likely to hang myself from the rafters. But, oh, how I love them and our dysfunctional relationship.

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