Holy Crackalicious! I need to wire my jaw shut.

So my impulse purchase at Trader Joes the other night (with the refund I got from the mousy-eaten chocolate chips and the phantom bottles of water) was a bucket of mini cocoa meringues.

I love, LOVE, that Trader Joes sells cookies in buckets.

Even better I love their cocoa meringues. They taste like chocolate astronaut ice cream kind of. Well the astronaut ice cream like I remember it tasting, not like astronaut ice cream actually tastes like.

Let me just warn you that everything tastes better to me in retrospect. With food, I am exceptionally forgiving. I could eat a braised cow testicle smothered in sriracha sauce and no matter how much I gagged eating it, it would only take me about a year or less to reflect on the experience and say "well it had a certain chewy piquancy that cannot quite be described."

Anyway, back to the meringues. They do not at all taste like braised cow testicles in sriracha. They taste more like hot chocolate. Hot chocolate in meringue form.

Utterly delicious and NO CHOLESTEROL.

Since I have zero will power and ate, oh, about half the bucket (they are mini! they just fly into my mouth!) I am going to have to run like the dickens tomorrow on the treadmill. Gargh.


Mary said…
The kitty cookies come in buckets and are so tasty that one day I ate a bucket. They happen to be packed with fiber too, so the next day I spent a lot of time dealing with the fact that I ate a bucket. It's a good deterent.

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