Not quite a Smart One, but close.

Between the Weight Watchers, the gym, the high cholesterol, and a decidedly un-Nigella plumpness all over - it's a miracle to me that I eat anything other than oat bran with a splash of hot water and a packet of sweetner.

However eat I must, and frankly I cannot eat anything I don't enjoy.

For a while I was eating nothing but Smart Ones and Lean Cuisines, but you know what - it's all crap. The ingredient list is comprised of nothing but flour, sugars, and chemicals. And I don't really enjoy them all that much. Especially since the vegetarian options are limited to a couple of pasta dishes, a rice dish, and a couple of pizzas. It's not that I am a vegetarian, I just hate meat that has been either frozen or canned. The exception to this rule are Vienna wieners. Don't ask, but I will say that it involves Pillsbury rolls in a can (the kind that POP open) and a toaster oven.

So I've been making my own version of Smart Ones & Lean Cuisines, with mixed results. Tonight I made Soyboy Ravioli in a very light tomato, basil, and garlic sauce. Basically it is just a can of diced tomatos, three cubes of basil, and two chopped cloves of garlic cooked until hot and pour over the raviolis.

I was trying to imitate the Ravioli Florentine Smart One and it came pretty dang close - only without the spinach (I forgot) and the chemical preservatives (I didn't forget).

And lucky for me, it made three lunch containers full and only came to 4 points each, a point cheaper than the boxed stuff. Plus, no cholesterol!

Which is great because I still have half a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies left (Thin Mints natch!) and that's what I am blowing the last of my points on.


BFW (Tammy) said…
You're funny...

I will only eat the vegetarian ones too. I don't know if I would even call the one's with chicken "meat"... it looks weird.

Kashi has some vegetarian frozen meals... but they are fairly caloric and definitely pricey. Worth a peak though. Stop and Shop has them in the "organic" aisle.

At least you're trying... I ate a can of pre-made frosting over a two-night period... that was intended for cupcakes for the 3yo!

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