What is up with Trader Joe's lately?

Last week I shopped at the Trader Joes in Brookline. Among other things I grabbed two bags of chocolate chips from their place on a lower shelf.

When I got home I noticed that there were chocolate chips all over the bottom of the bag. Well, rather when I pulled the bag of chips out of the grocery bag, chocolate chips spilled all over the place.

Yep, a little mouse had chewed through the bag of chips. I know this because it is a chewed looking hole in the top of the bag. When I called them, they were really nice about it and I can bring it back whenever.

Then today I went to the Trader Joes down in Hanover. When I got home, I happened to check over the receipt and found that the cashier had charged me for 12 bottles of bubbly water, instead of just for the six I actually took home.

Kind of frustrating again because I don't live anywhere near Hanover, I just stopped there on my way home from visiting a friend in Rockland.


But again, when I called them, they were really very nice and said I could go to any Trader Joes and get my money back.

Which is great, but to be honest I don't really go to Trader Joes all that often because there isn't one nearby enough.

Not only that, but a few people have mentioned to me that the quality of their meat and their ready-to-eat foods have really gone downhill lately.

Hopefully this is just because mercury was in retrograde and not a sign of things to come.


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