Plenty of desire, need more motivation.

I have been in my kitchen all day today trying to get sh*t organized and you know what? I am getting NO where. But the desire is certainly there.


Earlier today I made some cookie dough, but I forgot to take an allergy pill and now I feel like garbage.

As it would happen I've developed an allergy to flour over time. I used to work at this amazing local bakery and over time, from dumping fifty pound bags of flour into storage bins, I inhaled lots of flour and wound up becoming really allergic to flour.

Pretty ridiculous huh.

So now when I bake at home, when I am around uncooked flour, I have to take some sort of allergy pill first and keep my inhaler handy. Sounds more dramatic than it is.

However if I don't take anything and expose my bad self to raw flour I really have an ugly reaction. Right now one eye is horribly itchy and weepy and my nose is streaming. The inhaler has at least opened the airways, so I can still breath sort of. Gawd, I am a frickin' delight aren't I!?

So I figured I would pass the recovery time by reorganizing the kitchen a little. Which really is code for cleaning the kitchen and throwing out crap.

But instead I have been reading recipes and listening to music and waiting to feel better.

I was hoping to make a batch of black cake and another round of cookies, but really I am not going anywhere near the flour bin until I go out and get more meds.

And if I don't start to feel better soon, I am going to take a bottle of rum and go kip out on the couch and watch crap television until I do!


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