Recovery imminent. Liver function back to normal.

I love the holidays because I am naturally pig-out-ish and the only time I am completely unselfconscious about it is when everyone else is also stuffing their faces in the period between Thanksgiving and New Year's.

I am resolved to do two things in Oh-Nine. Well, no, three things.

One: I am going to stick to Weight Watchers. I am not going to eat anything different, I am just going to eat differently. Which means no more cheese pizza topped with Utz's plain potato chips. And no more Duncan Hines devils food with dark chocolate frosting. Because I can't eat either of those two things in moderation. Weight Watchers means eating less of the bad stuff and more of the good stuff. And I cannot eat an 18th of a cake for 4 points. That is torture. That would turn me into Miranda eating cake out of the trash. Swear to god, true story. But I will still eat pasta and turkey and cookies, but just in Weight Watchers sized portions. Which means that for the next two weeks or so I am going to be cranky while my stomach shrinks back from Glutton mode to Normal mode.

Two: I am going to pay more attention this here blog o'mine. I have a terrible habit of letting it get away from me. If my blogs were actual children they would be dead from neglect by now. Writing is definitely a discipline and that is just not something I have in spades. But I really ought to work on it this new year.

Three: Write my thank you Operation Baking Gals post. Let me just say one thing about myself here: I am horrendous about writing Thank You notes to people. (See resolution two, re: discipline.) One year I got sh*tfaced at a bar and wrote everyone Christmas Thank You postcards that didn't make sense at all, and if I remember correctly were mailed in April. However my one redeeming quality is that I will love and cherish a gift you give me, and if it is really useful or sentimental I think of the person who gave it whenever I use it or see it. Heck, I still have a baby blanket that a friend of my Mom gave me before I even developed a retentive memory and I STILL have it. But the post will get written in 2009 if it kills me.

So that's what I've got for resolutions for '09. As for tonight, well I am in for the night. It is far too cold to go out with out immediately developing chilblains and frostbite. And besides I have a panettone I need to eat before I start with the point counting and such.

Happy New Years to everyone who reads this little blog. I hope I can similarly amuse you in 2009!


Mary said…
Happy New Year!

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