More Julia please

My dear friend JNKL had a spare pass to the sneak preview of Julie & Julia tonight and lucky me got to go. Let me just say:


It will do for Paris and cooking what Field of Dreams did for corn fields and old timey baseball. Also I predict a that Mastering the Art of French Cooking will sell out in droves, followed by a tidal wave of boeuf bourguignon in kitchens across America.

Meryl Streep did a magical turn as Julia Child and left me wanting more, more, ENCORE Julia! I couldn't wait for those scenes. As for the Julie part - it started off ok, but sort of faltered a little and at the end I was done with her but left wanting more of the Julia magic.

And yes, right now, I want to make swiss meringue. True story.


I have been craving gimlets since last night! I subbed with a chilled sauv blanc when I got home:)
Annabelle B. said…
Oh great, you said gimlet...

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