Rocca: 5@5

At the other end of this work week I went to Rocca with Pam from Cave Cibum.

Starting off the week with Pam, food, and alcohol sets the bar-o-fun too high for me so after Rocca, the week went sliding downhill. Well, until last night anyway when I hooked up with Captain Morgan and his trusty sidekick Diet Coke... but that's another post.

I happen to love the lounge of Rocca. It is very pretty to me with the tall windows that look out over old brick buildings, long gauzy curtains, and sky blue bar chairs.

Our bartender was a very nice guy and I sort of vaguely think his name was Joey. But I might be wrong. Well anyway he was super nice and had an easy laugh. If you want to know which one he is, he is the guy from upstate New York.

He recommended the Giardino Blu which is blueberry vodka mix with a blueberry-mint puree which I jumped at and Pam went with Sangria Bianco (holy crap I had to take a picture to remember that!).

And OH YEAH Coldriver Blueberry Flavored Vodka might now be my new favorite vodka.

Seriously. I could drink it just on the rocks.

Although there is this tiny voice in the waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back of my head that is slightly concerned about the fact that all week long I have been trying to figure out how to get more of that lovely stuff... It doesn't seem to be sold in Massachusetts yet, but I am going to check with LiquorLand on that tomorrow.

And sad true story, I emailed the company and while they are planning to sell it in Massachusetts, right now I'd have to go to New Hampshire for more. Agh!

(I think my liver literally just sighed with relief.)

Alternatively I am going to walk down to Rocca tomorrow for another one.

Ok you know enough about the a-a-a-a-alcohol. We did eat something, we are not completely a pair of lushes yet. We got one of everything except for the lobster slider, and it was plenty of food for two.

I thought it was all pretty tasty, but then again I am not terribly discerning and frankly I don't like to find fault with stuff just to be a pretentious foodie f*ckwad.

You need to eat the zucchini and the calamari while it's hot. Once they've gone cold, they taste a bit greasy. But the dipping sauces were perfect. The farinata was delicious and the side of lemon & salt dressed arugula was delicious. The pizzetta was on the bland side to me, but well made. I think that when I say bland it is because I am not a fan of ricotta on pizza. And there weren't any bold flavors. So this is the perfect dish for someone who likes food that is fine tasting and not too adventurous or salty.

If you want more of a food review, check out Pam's review.

As you can see we thought the food was pretty good! And I really have to say that I thought the staff was quite friendly*, and not just because they're trying to make a buck or two. They seemed to be friendly to each other. And I have to say that I like a place where the staff is friendly and honest to the customer. Joey made recommendations based on what we were telling him, rather than on what he liked or wanted to sell that night. I appreciate that.

All in all a nice place to go for a bite after work. I suggest going right at 5-5:30 and get there before any dinner crowd. I know that this makes me sound like a 400 year old granny in a cardigan, but I like to get a little tipsy early. It makes the early evening lots more exciting. And then an added bonus is that you have longer to sleep it off.

Or something like that...

*FYI - the hands down friendliest staff ever anywhere is at the Alchemist in JP. True story.


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