Cake tasting time!!!

The Evil Twin is getting married! OMG the last of the commitment phobes is marrying the other last commitment phobe!

Yep, the Evil Twin said "YES!" to the Trapper Keeper and hooray for a 2010 wedding!

And while the ET and I are secretly laughing and going "seriously? married? wtf?", she is actually making a plan for wedding. And I am trying very hard to be an adult about being a very good sister of the bride by helping her with...... well nothing so far except for I bought her a couple of wedding magazines. But she knows I have her back, and the one thing I do know about playing an adult is that it good to keep your unsolicited opinions to yourself.

And anyway really at the end of the day the only thing I care about is the cake tasting. I want to try cake from EVERYWHERE. I love cake. I love cake like people like alcohol. Cake makes me happy at the end of a long day. Cake loves me back. Cake is a steady friend and cake, it stops the shaking.

So if you know of a good cake place, please, do NOT keep that opinion to yourself.

Because good sisters don't let bad cakes happen to happy brides...


Unknown said…
I like *that* cake - the more colours the better, right?
Pam said…
So exciting - congrats to them both!

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