JJ's Dairy Hut

I have a vague memory of my Auntie Bets taking me, and probably the Evil Twin too, over to JJ's Dairy Hut on a hot summer night.

If I recall correctly, Auntie Bets was wearing denim cutoffs and Dr. Scholl's sandals, and possibly driving either a tiny little Honda hatchback, or a small blue pickup truck. Oh and back in those days you could buy Dr. Scholl's at the pharmacy. We'd drive over from Gramps house in Cohasset, and the reason I think it was Auntie Bets is because she was probably the only one who would take us over just for fun.

But anyway I don't remember ever not wanting to go to JJ's when the weather got hot. Clearly it was imprinted onto the chromosome at a very young age. And every summer I try very hard to go to JJ's at least once.

Today was that day. Hooray!

JJ's is just like the hundreds of other "dairy huts" and "dairy bars" that you find along the smaller highways and byways that run throughout New England. They are places that offer summer food like hot dogs and crinkle cut fries and ice cream cones, both hard ice cream and soft serve.

Typically seasonal operations, they mark the summer season the way holidays like Memorial and Labor Day do. Everyone is happy when they open and glum when they close.

In fact you can get a tee shirt from JJ's that says: Eat at JJ's and be happy.


So today, we each got a hotdog...

And ice cream (peppermint stick for me, coffee for her) and sadly I did not get a photo because I couldn't stop eating the ice cream long enough.

But they do have a number of candy coatings for your ice cream if you want:

Yeah, it's true, I love me some JJ's Dairy Hut in the summer.


Devilham said…
Cool! I myself do not have a sweet tooth, but I did grow up in Scituate, and was brought here often while growing up. It is, as my parents would say, a "goldmine". It was always crowded during the summer months. Love me some hot dogs!!
Annabelle B. said…
That's funny, we were on our way back from looking at a house in Scituate!

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