Food for thought

If you have enough food, give a little away.

For those of you who live in lovely New Jersey (our lovely Garden State with a fine crop of blueberries), please consider donating canned soup, canned beans, and boxed instant potatoes to the Center for Food Action.

Those might not be the kind of items you keep in your pantry, but the are almost ALWAYS available in the Aisle of Values. Please consider it, especially if you live in Englewood, Carlstadt, Elmwood Park, Mahwah, Fairview, Hackensack, Palisades Park, or Ringwood and can drop it off directly to one of the eight CFA locations.

You are probably wondering why I am driveling on about this today, but I got the following email from the Center for Food Action:
The Center for Food Action is facing serious shortages of a few types of staples it normally provides in its food packages.

Irwin Vogelman, CFA's director of food distribution, said the pantry is nearly out of soup, canned beans and instant potatoes.

"Last week alone I spent $1,000 to buy just soup," Vogelman said.

He added that CFA also spent an additional $3,500 this week on jelly and meat. The soup will be gone in a week, the meat in two, Vogelman said.

"Typically, I spend $1,000 a week, total."

He said the problem stems from low food donations this summer (always the slowest donation season), combined with increased demand.

While the federal and state governments have picked up their contributions to food pantries, the food items that come in don't always match CFA's needs, Vogelman added.

Anyone interested in donating can bring the needed food items to any of the eight CFA locations in Englewood, Carlstadt, Elmwood Park, Mahwah, Fairview, Hackensack, Palisades Park and Ringwood.

For further information, contact Vogelman at 201-321-3142.

And for anyone else in the Boston area, check out the Greater Boston Food Bank. They provide a very cool link to an online "supermarket" if you are so inclined, or they will take your food donations directly.

Think about it tonight. Try skipping one meal and see what it is like to go to bed hungry and to wake up hungry. I sure hate to be that a**hole who is always going on and on about do-goodey causes, but seriously, who wants to be hungry?

Not you, and definitely not me!



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