C-o-R Challenge 2: Pear and Cava Preserves

The Can-o-Rama Challenge Number Two involved pears and alcohol, which makes sense because typically the two go hand in hand.

Pears are like apricots to me. I always seem to pick a mushy/mealy one so I rarely eat either one raw, preferring instead to cook it into submission.

Two things about this recipe.

One: I cannot stand to chop peeled pears. I managed to chop about half of them before getting completely annoyed and switching over to the food processor. Peeled pears get sticky AND slippery at the same time and the juice of them makes the skin on my hands feel peculiar. Pulsing them through the food processor worked well enough, but it has to be done in small doses.

And two: I don't know why, but yesterday the final product tasted super sticky sweet and yet magically today the taste has really mellowed out. Where did that sugary sweetness go? Hmmmm.....

I made this recipe with cava because that is all I had on hand. Somehow I ended up with about 9 half-pints, I can't tell if that is way too many, or just right.

It is tasty stuff though and lovely to look at. Although I personally think ALL translucent fruit looks lovely.

Oooh money shot....:

PS: How adorable is that little tiny dish? My auntie is a potter (among many other wonderful things) and she made me a whole set of tiny little nested bowls. How can you not love them?!


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