Oh Canning, I have not forsaken you!

Just because I haven't posted about it, doesn't mean I haven't...

Yeah, I am a full blown canning addict. How do I know this? Well because when I go to the supermarket I think "hmmmm what can I pickle?" or "hmmmm I wonder if I can pressure can that..."

Ah yeah. It's a problem. Oh and also it's a problem because I've run out of storage space.


It doesn't help that I also read up on canning when I am not in the kitchen.

The other day I read over on Cake and Commerce about making hot fudge and of course that's been on my mind ever since. Everywhere I looked online about home canning hot fudge said DON'T DO IT but no one said why. I emailed Linsey at C&C and asked her about this and she reassured me that the stuff would smell really bad if processed wrong.

That is the kind of answer that works for me.

And holly molly, this stuff IS really fricking good.

I made it per Linsey's recipe, ladled it out in eight 4oz jars, one pint jar, and one half pint, sealed it all up, and processed it for 20 minutes at 10lbs even though Linsey's recipe says it's ok to process for 35 minutes in a boiling water bath. There was no real reason for this change, I read in Putting Food By that you could jar Indian Pudding and process it thusly, and as that recipe has dairy in it, well I just figured I could.

And if it stinks, literally, I will have learned my lesson.

Looks good, tastes amazing.


Anonymous said…
Ah yeah, it looks delightful...

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