Dinner made for me

Ok well maybe not just for me. But ages ago the lovely Flood came to the town of the Bean and the Cod and decided to make dinner for me, the Evil Twin, and the FBiL.

This dinner was meant as a thank you to the ET for hosting the Lovely Flood and I was included because, well, frankly I will never turn down a great dinner.

And what a delicious dinner it was.

Especially since I didn't have to cook a single thing!


Daily Spud said…
Ah, the best dinners are the ones that are cooked for you. I saw the lovely Flood recently and she mentioned that she'd been out lately having martinis to toast your late Grandpa. Proper order too.
Unknown said…
Ah! I missed this until today! Great pics Calamity - it's super to see a permanent record of FOOD! It's always a pleasure to cook for people who make all the right "yum" noises in all the right places:-)

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