Canning season CANNOT come soon enough

Get it?

Can not... hahahah!


Are you familiar with this magical place?

It is the extremely nondescript exterior of China Fair. And frankly if you didn't know it was there, you wouldn't.

This is the one in Needham/Newton (I never remember, but it is just down from the New England Mobile Book Fair) and I love it. You really never know what you are going to find.

They really have the weirdest mix of everything you need and stuff you don't really. I bought a set of flat bottom glasses at Marshalls ages ago and finally got around to smashing one to bits. Of course I walk into China Fair and see a near replica right there in front of me. No matter that it was a teeny tiny bit different and that it had a stamp on the bottom saying that it had been made in West Germany...

That just about sums up every China Fair experience I've had.

Also they do have a TON of canning jars for sale:

These are the jars that involve the orange rubber gasket - I am not positive how to use them for canning, but I do know that they are GREAT for food storage. The ones at China Fair are way cheaper than anywhere else.

But as you can see, they have plenty of Ball jars. In couple of sizes.

And they also have bottles. Lots of bottles.

It's totally worth the trip.


Sarah said…
And don't forget, there's a China Fair on Mass. Ave. just North of Porter Sq. in Cambridge too . . . Love that place!
I love that one too! I used to go to that one when I was in cooking school.

I like the one in Needham (or is that Newton?) because it's just an excuse to go to the New England Mobile Book Fair!
Unknown said…
How beautiful! I have to hunt for the standard jars at hardware stores. Sometimes, it's hunting around the forgotten shelves in supermarkets. Luvky you!

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