The bartender at Gaslight

There is a very nice bartender who works at Gaslight. His name is Henry and he is going to be a salt seller one of these days in the near future. 

The reason I am telling you this is a) everyone should go to Gaslight, sit at the bar, have a side of fries, and enjoy one of their delicious cocktails (except for the Pimms Cup which they don't make properly, imho) and b) Henry might let you taste some of his salt. 

You REALLY want some of this salt. It is really, REALLY good stuff. It looks like giant crystalline chunks, but you can easily pulverize it with your fingertips. And the salt tastes like a splash of the ocean on a brilliant blue and sunny yellow summer afternoon. 

I am begging him to make a smoky version because I think smoked salt over french fries would be incredible. It is destined to be the next truffle salt. 

Mark my words. And buy lots of salt.


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