Yes, I think I WILL have s'more...

It is no joke, I love chocolate and marshmallow. Separately, together, on foggy nights, and on hot days, I will eat one or the other or both pretty much anytime.

When I saw a recipe over on The Kitchn for Marshmallow Brownies... well let's just say the feeling was was similar to the first time I ate a Peanut Butter cup. As in "duh! delicious! me wanty!"

But then I couldn't help but think how much MORE delicious they'd be with a graham cracker crust. As in a big ooey-gooey deliscrumptious S'MORES brownie.

Yes please!

I made a GIANT pan of them for the Fourth of July holiday and they lasted about 8 minutes. Everyone was stumbling about the place, murmuring through sticky teeth that they urgently needed another one in their mouth immediately. I tried to snap a photo, but someone bit my hand.

O well.

What this means for you dear reader is that I will simply have to make another batch and take a few pictures for you.

And then you will just have to make them for yourself because you will not be able to resist the deliciousness!


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