Greeeeen Acres is the plaaace for me...

I love the idea of living on a farm and living off the land. Just the idea.

I mean I also love the idea of running a marathon, but the reality means actually running. And anyone who knows me, knows that if they see me running they'd better call the police.

So yeah, me on a farm is probably a bad idea. I would love it for like three days and then I would totally understand why Ma and Pa Ingalls moved everyone off the prairie and back into town.

Which means that I am just going to order in, from the farm.

Yesterday I got my first order from Farmers to You and this is what I got:

Looks good huh?

Let me tell you, so far so damn good. And I would tell you what I made, only I am typing this as I babysit my darling new niece and she wants something to eat RIGHT THE HELL NOWWWWW!

So, more tomorrow.


Betsy said…
I love living on the farm! SOMEONE in the family should do it and I'm glad it's moi! Just harvested all the winter squash and filled up the root cellar. Yyyyummmmm. Acorn, butternut, pumpkins and argonaut (gargantuan butternut).
tammy said…
So glad you're cooking again! (I typed "coking again" by mistake--glad I caught that in preview!) Keep us posted on what you get and how much from Farmers to You. I've been curious about it.

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