Sleeping in & Late Breakfast

I have gone way over my line of sleep credit this week and resolved to sleep IN today. Usually Saturdays I am up and at 'em to get everything out of the way for a lazy Sunday.

But for some reason I was exhausted last night and decided to make today my sort of lazy day. Let me just say that my idea of sleeping in is usually until 8 or 9am, which is still early to actual sleeper-in-ers, but it's my idea of late.

And what goes amazingly well with a lie-in?

A delicious breakfast.

Today it was french toast with lots of maple syrup and about a gallon of coffee.


The bread is the whole wheat from Red Hen Bakery and the syrup is from the Square Deal Farm, both of which came with the Farmers to You delivery this week.

Fricking delicious.


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