Beans & Rice. No seriously, I REALLY love beans & rice.

As you may, or may not, have surmised - I will eat beans and rice at any opportunity. 

Yesterday on our way to see K.D. Lang at the Hard Rock in Orlando we stopped for a bite to eat at this place:

Spanish and Chinese you say? Well yes, but for me it was the Spanish part that was important.

And as a side note, I think that the reason there are Spanish-Chinese food restaurants is because back in the days of yore when sugar plantations were in full tilt across the Caribbean they brought Chinese workers in to cut the cane. At least that is what I think was the deal, I could just be making that up...

Of course I got rice & beans. I also got the roast pork. The pork was delicious - so tender and tasty, I completely pigged out. Oink oink.

I ate it all up. At this point Jo & Jo must think I have a worm or something, given my capacity to inhale food...

As I have the day to myself tomorrow, I just might go and find MORE rice & beans. Stay tuned.


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