Saturday Market down south

Every town has one, a weekend open air market. The one in Boston closes (sort of) in the winter because of the cold and the snow. The one here closes in the summer because of the heat.

 Now I am not a fan of crawfish and therefore not so much inclined to try a crawfish pie, but seriously, how awesome is that sign. Very awesome. I am sure I am not the only one who wanted to buy the sign. Vivian probably has a few of those signs for folks just like me. I really should have asked.

C'est chouette, non? I ought to have gotten a better close up of the ginormo jar of Nutella on the roof. If it had been an actual jar filled with real Nutella, I would have fainted.

Jo tells me this stuff is "amazeballs". Well, she would have used that word only I hadn't introduced it to her yet. I have never heard of this stuff so she bought some and I took a photo of the sign in case I love it and need to have it shipped to my mouth.

Honestly, Boston needs to have an Empanada World. I really think it's what holding us back from being a truly first class town. The stall next to it sold African food to raise money for a organization over in Africa. Eating for a cause? Sign me up!

In the end I got black beans & rice (I added onions and hot sauce, natch) and fried plantains. There isn't any time of the day that I won't eat beans & rice. 

Jo and Jo both got fish tacos from The Taco Lady.

And then we all got a coconut.

Oh and you know what, down here if you are from up there, you need to slather on spf 4000 otherwise your fishbelly white Northern skin will toast to a crisp without you realizing it.


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