Ask and ye shall receive

Someone at work very shyly asked me to make them some sugar cookies. Some people are afraid of the kitchen and of cooking and shudder at even the idea of an Easy Bake oven.

I pity these poor souls. So I said "yeah, sure". Give me any excuse to eat cookies and drink.

Drink? Yep.

My new kitchen/holiday rule is that when ever the oven goes on, the alcohol comes out. It's a tradition that began with the Black Cake. You simply cannot put me near a gorgeous Barbados rum and tell me it's just for the cake. Please.

One for the cake, one for me.

So with the sugar cookies - I thought I might open wine. But that seemed to involve too much commitment. Luckily there was a nicely chilled Lillet in the back of the fridge.

Et voila! Sugar cookies are finished and I am happily slightly buzzed!


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