Ok, rummmmmm, blurrrrgggggg

How to make Black Cake:

1. Get out recipe. Read other recipes. Get distracted.
2. Get back on track. Fire up stove. Get ingredients together.
3. Call my friend Moet and talk about boyyyyyyyyys.
4. Pour self two fingers of rum.
5. Drink rum and talk for another 4o minutes with Moet about boyyyyyyyyss.
6. Hang up. Pour another two, well three, fingers of rum
7. Chop fruit for Black Cake. Using Cuisinart is CHEATING.
8. Chop fast because chopping after drinking is dangerous, so finish quickly!
9. Finish chopping fruit into itty teeny bits without catastrophe.
10. More rum to celebrate.
11. Contemplate going to bed. Who makes Black Cake this late?
12. Realize I am BLOGGING instead of BAKING.

Which I will get right back to as soon as I kick back this last bit of rummmmmmmmmmmm........


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