So this is what a pig-in-a-blanket feels like

I started eating on Christmas Eve and I just finally finished. I think I might die. Or I might kill the next person to mention food to me.

For the past two months I have had this "allergy" that has kind of killed my appetite. However in my family Christmas is all about the fancy food. And the fancy alcohol.

Last year it was oysters. A bushel of them nearly.

This years it was foie gras. With baked quince and brioche. So good.

On Christmas Eve I had a huge plate of pate, followed by coq au vin with spaetzle. Yeah I said 'coq'... And a massive whiskey sour that hit the bullseye.

Christmas morning was all about the two pounds of bacon that I made Mom buy. Seriously, she was only going to buy a pound and a bit. Whateve! And Bloody Mary's. My Dad makes the best Bloody Mary ever. Hands down ever. If you are a Bloody Mary fan, let me know and I will take you over for one. The first one is free.

Christmas dinner was the foie gras, followed by the BLACK CAKE. Washed down with an amazing wine. Oh wait, that meal was preceded by egg nog (from Crescent Ridge) that was really part egg nog and then the rest Knob Creek. And a zizz of nutmeg.

This morning (Boxing Day) I went back to Mom's house for breakfast leftovers of panettone and smoked salmon.

Then I went off to my Dr.'s appointment because really this "allergy" is getting to be a pain.

Turns out I have a much worse sinus infection that originally thought and now I get to take nasty strong antibiotics for 10 days plus a nasal spray. Attractive huh.

Oh and then Metro Matt and I went out for dinner. Because I am NOT a quitter!

Which means that right about now I feel like investing in a pair these:

Belly dancing pants! Hot!!


tammy said…
Wow, that is some seriously awesome food you just described. Well worth the maternity clothes I'd be forced to wear as a result.

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