Rachel Ray: Halliday Killah!

Drunkin' Whorenuts! If I see that annoying Rachel Ray commercial for Dunkins one more time, I swear to GAD that Christmas is canceled.


Whoever wrote the dialog must be in the 10th grade: "I always buy like a million pounds... blah blah blah....."

Who the hell buys a million pounds of holiday coffee? I don't believe her for a sec.

But then again this is coming from a woman who puts Cheez Whiz on a Wheat Thin and calls it an hors d'oeuvre.

Pleeease! Everyone knows that you eat Cheez Whiz by squirting it directly from the can into your mouth.

But these ads are starting to suck the fun right out of the marrow of Christmas for me! If I have to hear her say "haaaliday" one more time, I am going go insane.


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