Fake Chicken Broccoli & Ziti

I don't eat lots of meat at home because I suffer from this curious ailment that I call FADD.

Food Attention Deficit Disorder.

I will go to the store and buy a chicken, some lettuce, a little tomato, and head home with every great intention of having a nice little roast chicken with salad for dinner.

However, what happens is I get home and have toast with mayo and lettuce and a Fudgsicle instead.

I wind up sticking the chicken in the fridge for a couple of days, until I become so resentful of this useless chicken that needs me to cook it, that I end up bunging it in the freezer for the next three months.

As for the tomato? Well, probably the day before it rots completely I will eat it with my lettuce sandwich.

It's the folly of the well fed to be this loosey-goosey with food I tell you!

Anyway, this is why I've stopped buying meat - it's too much pressure.

So now I buy Smart Strips, basically a fake chicken strip that practically never goes bad ever. And can't possibly be that many points.

And the best fake chicken broccoli and ziti recipe is to sautee the Smart Strips in a little olive oil, add in some broccoli florets (I used frozen), and then add in some cooked pasta and maybe a little of the cooking water so it doesn't all stick at the bottom.

Cook it until the broccoli isn't frozen. It only takes a couple of minutes. The best part about the Smart Strips is that they won't give you salmonella like real chicken would if you undercooked it.

Now the key is to remember to bring the leftovers to work.
Y'know the FADD and all makes it hard to remember these things.

And then I wind up at work with no lunch and have to have a box of Thin Mints to tide me over instead.



tammy said…
This is my husband's meal-in-a-pinch that he makes for us, Smart Strips and all. It's rather satisfying.

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