Ugh, I hate thinking this much about stupid points!

The first Weight Watchers weigh-in was on Tuesday and I lost three whole pounds.

Holy crap!

Considering that I now just presume that everything I actually like to eat has 17 points it's a real miracle I lost anything at all.

But I will say that contemplating everything I put in my mouth has made a difference. For example, one Thin Mint has one point. Ok, so three is my dessert for the day. Or a whole box for my entire day's allowance.

I really think that I could just eat Thin Mints for one whole day.

And oysters - a half dozen is only two points. So if I am trying to stay around 24 points then that means I can eat about 72 oysters for one whole day.

Hey, dieting actually doesn't seems so bad if you start thinking about all the things you can eat!

Confession time: I haven't been writing everything down in my 'Food Journal'. I am using the "balancing my checkbook" approach which consists primarily of keeping an approximate running tally in my head.


BFW (Tammy) said…
Hey there! Where are you going to meetings? At work or at an actual location? Good luck and congrats on the weight loss!

TIP: Most grocery stores sell Meringue cookies... and I think one is ZERO points! :) Trader Joe's definitely has them... and they are YUMMY. Also... Philly Swirl ice pops are either zero or one point each and are great. BJ's definitely has them as do regular grocery stores too.
Annabelle B. said…
I am doing WW at work because I have no power over the forces of peer pressure!

I love meringue cookies! And yes, I think they are mostly one point. I also am a fan of the reduced sugar Fudgsicles.

Although the fewer sweets I eat, the less I want them, which helps. I find that crumbling the meringue over fruit is a luscious treat that is practically GOOD for you!

Thanks for the good wishes. Weigh in is tomorrow and it's all about the carrot sticks and water until then!

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