Mr. Sushi eh

Last night I went to Mr. Sushi for uh sushi.

Let me just state for the record that I don't like fish.

I never have, well I kind of remember my mom making me fried sardines when I was a kid. And I sort of remember eating them.

But that's it.

Lobster, trout, salmon, mackerel, bluefish, striped bass... blech.

However to complicate matters, I will eat fish if it is a nice chunk of cod, fried or broiled. Also I will sometimes eat shrimp, scallops, and smoked salmon.

Oh and oysters I will eat anytime.

Wait, where was I going with this post...

Ah yeah Mr. Sushi.

Well, so I am trying to figure out how to like sushi. Mostly I will eat any of the vegetable sushi and some shrimp things.

I have been working on overcoming this culinary limitation at places like Douzo, Symphony Sushi, and Ichiro Sushi. All places where I have been able to get terrific vegetable sushi, but also cautiously branch out and try something of the fish.

(Let me tell you, my reaction to fish that tastes too fishy is to immediately dry-heave. A completely inappropriate reaction at best, but one I've had since I can remember and one that is extremely hard to control!)

But Mr. Sushi was kind of a disappointment to me. I'd heard great thing about the place so I was looking forward to it. Plus I like that it is called Mr. Sushi.

It's just that the seaweed wrappers almost seemed a little stale. And the shrimp sushi was sort of flabby and dried out. And the green tea was a bit flavorless.

Thankfully I was in good company so the food was secondary, but this morning I am sort of oddly disappointed!

Oh well. I went, I can tick it off the list.


BFW (Tammy) said…
We should go do sushi. You really need to try TUNA. Shrimp "sushi" is way too rubbery b/c it's cooked and if you struggle with the seaweed wrapping on maki, always stick to "inside out rolls". Trust me on this one...

I LOVE sushi and would be happy to share some tips of the trade!
Mary said…
I don't like shellfish, but I really like regular fish. Unless it's in soup. And really, I've tried sushi. I think it's a little on the gross side of life. I'm not really seeing a good enough reason to try and like it.
I also don't like olives, but being that those frequently come in martini form, I'm trying to like those.

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