My Love-Hate Relationship with Eggplant

I love eggplant. I love the word "eggplant", I like the dark purple color and the light heft of a ripe one, and the way they curve so delicately.

I love that they have a weird soft-firm texture, and that the plant has pretty blooms, and that they are so versatile.

I love baba ganoosh. I especially love slicing an eggplant in thin rounds, brushing them with olive oil, garlic, chili, salt, and pepper and then shoving them under the broiler until crispy. I LOVE a good eggplant parm. I love eggplant on pizza.

What I hate about eggplant is that I worry it might kill me.

Every time I eat eggplant, the first bite makes me instantly want to vomit. And sometimes it give me a little touch of asthma.

As long as I can choke down that first bite or two I am good. Seriously.

This is the only time I ignore my rule about not eating things that make me sick.


Mary said…
I hated eggplant as a kid, but I picked up too beautiful ones at the grocery this weekend.
Oh and I tagged you for the 6 word memoir that's going around!
tammy said…
Now that you mention it, eggplant can sometimes make my mouth a little itchy. Not always, just maybe 50% of the time. Your symptoms are very interesting. I wonder if that's why people used to think nightshades were poisonous.

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