What? No Brownies?

I dunno what is wrong with me this weekend. I was a total flump from Friday night to Sunday night.

It could be PMS, exacerbated by being sort of dumped, I think. And ordinarily I would make a pan of Moet's Famous F*cking Delicious Super Chocolate Brownies and eat them directly out of the pan. Which usually sorts me right out.

Except for that weirdly I don't even have a sweet tooth right now. Well, that might not be true if someone kindly gave me a pint of Phish Phood and a spoon.

Who am I kidding? I don't really need a spoon.

And the other thing is that lately I have been seriously craving Granny Smith apples & chunky peanut butter. I have had one every day for over a week now.

Udge..... I need to snap outta this!


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