Ginger Cake

On Tuesday after English Food arrived, I made the Ginger Cake recipe immediately.

When it came out of the oven I sliced off a bit at the end. It was warm and molasses-y, with a teacake-like crumb. But it wasn't quite the Ginger Cake I was hoping it would be. The entire loaf had a slightly tough crust and I thought the crumb seemed not quite right, a little too crumbly or something.

It was unfair to blame the cake. The fault lies entirely with my own impatience. And also with the fact that I didn't read the part in the recipe that says that the cake improves with age.

Two days later it is a completely different cake. Dark and not overly sweet, studded throughout with translucent slices of preserved ginger, the molasses taste has now mellowed and the ginger flavor has developed beautifully.

The crust is sticky and the crumb has become moist and dense.

I am trying extremely hard not to eat it all up because I want to see how it further develops. And also because I won't have a chance to get more ingredients before the weekend and I am scared to run out of this heavenly cake.


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