I need to start making my own pho

I am pretty sure that I could eat pho every single night of the week for dinner.

That is not even a joke. I am a pho addict. Last night I really really REALLY wanted pho and forgot it was the New Year (Year of the Ox, hey that's me!) and every single pho place in the entire world was closed for the holiday.

If I was ever going to fall on my sword over food, it would have been last night. But it did make me realize that if I never want to feel that kind of shock and pain again, I better learn how to make pho stat.

A simple Google search brought me to the Steamy Kitchen blog and I am in LOVE.

I want to make this, and this, and that. And holy deliciousness - this for sure!

But for right now I want to make pho - from the recipe she has posted here. In the meantime I am going to angle for a pho dinner tonight!


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