Denial. Not just a river in Egypt my friend.

I hate being sick more than anything else and I can tell that I have been fending off a full blown flu for 2 reasons: 1) I've had a sore throat that ranges from wildly itchy to a mild throb in a matter of hours, and 2) I've stocked the fridge with food that is actually good for me.

This weekend I made bread and ginger cake (with tons of ginger) and soup with leeks and spinach. I also made roasted white bean and feta dip, and roasted golden beets and also a very nice tomato sauce. I also have lots of fruit and some yogurt to sooth the scratchy throat.

With the exception of the bread and the ginger cake, I packed as much garlic into everything as I possibly could. I've also been eating one clove of raw garlic before bed and I've been taking those Emergen-c packets twice a day in a little hot water. And I've been going to bed early.

The downside of so much garlic is the gas it gives me. I am pretty sure one of these farts is going to set my pants on fire. But, uh, at least I won't be sick. Or completely sick anyway.


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