"Dunzo" is a term used by my other favorite co-worker. When she is SO over a boy, she is "dunzo". At the end of a particularly long day, she is SO "dunzo". When the workload seems overwhelming, we are both totally "DUNZO".

And as of today I myself am completely "dunzo" with Stop & Shop. If I can help it, I will never shop there again. It's just not worth it to me anymore. I get a better deal at Russo's. Heck, Whole Paycheck is a better deal, go figure!

I bought fruit, veg, cereal, milk, yogurt, tea, and a few other pantry items and my total bill was $85.


I almost choked. And then I double checked my bill. Yep. $85. What a rip-off. I didn't even buy all organic, or all brand-name. Just regular crap.

The other reason to finally drive me away was the woman monitoring the self-check and making mean commentary about the various customers in the checkout lanes. I don't expect anything but professional courtesy from anyone in a service position, but to be so expressively mean makes me never want to go back.

Two weeks ago I went to Russo's and spent less for more, and even though fighting the crowds makes me completely mental, at least the staff there is mostly pretty friendly.

Yeah. I am SO "dunzo" with Stop & Shop.


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