Why I am here and not there.

Instead of being crapped out on the couch right now, I am supposed to be over at Masa trying out the new menu and drinking fancy tequila.

I was invited to a tasting dinner and up until about about noon I was ready to go. But then the wheels fell off the bus - every bit of my body began to ache and the pressure in my head began to build. Which is why I am now at home, drinking very hot tea and eating toast slathered with butter and molasses while my face defrosts from the walk home.

I will say though that I am really bummed out about not being at Masa. Granted I am not a fan of the .50 cent mussel, but I AM a big fan of their margaritas. In fact I occasionally get the worse craving for salt and tequila, and Masa is where I go to slake that thirst.

So boo, boo hoo hoo. But really, it's better I am on the couch right now.


Pam said…
I'm so sad you couldn't make it -you would have loved the drinks AND the food! And I brought your Christmas gift with me too!
Unknown said…
I am sad too because I REALLY want my present. I literally cannot drink right now without getting instantly lightheaded and the cough has a bit of a whoop to it. Everyone in the office is a little bit sick, and it just seems to go around in a circle.

I still want to forage in the North End for pastry. I will email you about that.

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