Easter 2009

As promised, photos!

First let me just say that yes, I ALWAYS have an alcoholic beverage of some sort when I am baking. It helps me be a better baker. Better everything really. But it explains the beer can in every photo.

Secondly let me just say that I made an amazing buttercream, the hot sugar syrup whipped into egg whites kind, not realizing until the very fluffy end that I had used salted butter. Woof! I refused to throw it out and decided that the solution was to fit the cake to the frosting so instead of making a light sponge roll in the shape of a birch log, I decided on an improvised hazelnut dacquoise.

Which actually was pretty easy.

I piped out four slabs of hazelnut meringue, then layered it with the buttercream that I magically transformed into chocolate-hazelnut buttercream. Yes, looks just like poop huh.

Layer of buttercream. Layer of meringue. Repeat.

Then cover the whole thing with a skim coat of buttercream. Refrigerate overnight and then in the morning coat the whole thing with ganache and pulverized hazelnuts. And decorate with hazelnuts. Let me tell you, my hands STILL smell like hazelnuts!

We devoured it. There might be a slice left but you'd have to fight La Maman for it.

Oooh super secret lamb cake recipe!

I also made a lamb cake. Lamb cake always unnerves Easter guests who often presume it is a meat pie. Which would be gross.

Lambikins! Frosted with coconut buttercream and covered all over in coconut.

The sacrificial lamb. It would NOT be Easter without this cake. It would be like Christmas with no tree.

I also made a massive amount of lemon curd which I turned into lemon cream as a base for the fresh fruit tarts. Note to self: wrestle the remaining lemon curd from La Maman's clutches....

As you can see, Easter lunch was a lovely time. La Maman made lamb, ham, beans, beans, and carrots in saffron. It was amazingly delicious and I actually don't feel like crap currently.

I am tired though. And going on a diet starting............................ now!


One Food Guy said…
You are so right about the lamb cake. When I was invited to my first Easter dinner (I don't celebrate,) all I heard about was the lamb cake. I was not sure what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised when I saw...a cake in the shape of a lamb!
tammy said…
La Maman sure raised you right. Beautiful tarts. Beautiful everything.

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