Wok the fok!?!

Oh my gawd, I bought another frackin' gadget for the kitchen.

It all started with the Swinish Flu yesterday and ended with me buying a wok AND a rice cooker.

I know, I know, A RICE COOKER. It's just that with all this warm weather all I want is rice and stir-fry. And between yesterday and today I have been feeling like garbage so all I really want is just the rice part. Lots and lots of the rice part.

So after work today I drove my sorry self down to Kam Man in Quincy and picked up a few items.

I ended up at home with a gorgeous new wok for eight bucks, a rice cooker, and a heap of groceries - including about a dozen shrimp for two bucks.

After getting the rice going, I fixed up the wok. I marinated the shrimp in a slightly spicy Thai curry concoction and then cooked them in the wok. OK firstly the wok is seriously pretty and I am going to see how much I can cook in it. And secondly I didn't expect it to get as hot as it did and the noise it made when the shrimp hit the hot oil scared the beejaysus out of me. Yipes!!

And that is what I had for dinner: sauteed shrimp with cilantro over rice.

With rice left over for just in case. All around a great success.


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