Oink oink.

I am feeling a bit swinish, sad but true.

Not to say that I in fact have the Swine Flu, it's just that right now I am feeling a bit piggy right now. I started feeling peculiar this afternoon, and by the time I got home this afternoon I was officially out of sorts.

My legs feel sausagy in my pants, from my ankles up. I can't bear the idea of putting on shoes or sock, I feel like I have asthma, and I feel totally nauseous. Which frankly is TORTURE for someone like me. I had a few baked beans for dinner because it was the only thing I thought I could eat. And I have some Jello chilling in the fridge.

Truth is though that what I really want right now is a three layer chocolate cake with ganache frosting and a gallon of cold milk.

See what I mean? It's the Swinish Flu.


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