Food that makes you go "huh?"

Every now and then I lose my mind at the supermarket and buy all sorts of things that I either have no idea what it is, or I don't know how to eat it.

One time it was a giant package of frozen mango paste. Another time I went crazy in the spice aisle at Super 88. This time it was a passionfruit.

The sign at the market said "Best eaten when wrinkled". So I left the thing on the counter for awhile. I thought I would eat it at Easter. And then I figured I would get around to Googling it to see what I was supposed to do with it. Then it rolled behind the mixer (out of sight, out of mind - right?). Which is where I found it today, sort of accidentally, and ate it.

To be honest, I don't really even like passionfruit flavor, like juice or candy. I love the name, but frankly it is a sort of revolting little fruit. It starts off shiny and gorgeously deep plum colored before shriveling up into a lightweight cardboardy feeling thing that really ought to be thrown out but instead you are supposed to eat it at that point.

I sliced in half and promptly dry-heaved. The interior is slimy, fluorescent yellow-orange, with tadpole-like green seeds encased in pulp pods.

I ate it anyway. I don't know, it might have been rotten. I can't tell. It was sort of acidic, but sweet and a little tart.

And to be honest I still have a peculiar taste in my mouth, like I ate a whole lot of vitamin casing, and the burps are a little worrisome. Clearly I did something wrong (other than the obvious problem of eating rotten fruit) but I am kind of willing to give this fruit another try.

Unless of course this is how it's supposed to look & taste.


Cara dB said…
Fresh passionfruit is absolutely delicious (especially paired with cheesecake or as part of a fresh fruit pavlova), so I'm guessing yours was past its use-by date.

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