Summertime Eats

For some reason I get zero cross ventilation in my little house in the big city. I have tried several different ways to catch the breeze and all I succeed in doing is making myself hotter. 

And when I am hot and sweaty and covered with lint like a powdered donut, I cannot imagine cooking anything more strenuous than ramen noodles or popcorn. 

In my opinion the best way to eat ramen noodles (and by ramen noodles I mean the kind you get in the flat rectangle at the corner store for .69 cents) is to break them up, boil them for 3 minutes, drain almost completely, add a knob of butter, and then add the seasoning packet. Stir to coat and enjoy with a soda, preferably while slobbed out on the couch in a tank top watching re-runs of the A-Team.

This sort of treat is just that, a treat. Ramen noodles are ridiculously high in fat and sodium, which is why they are so delicious. Adding butter and couch-potatoing certainly doesn't help. 

Which is why popcorn fills in on the other six nights. 

I have a very large cast iron pot with a glass lid that is pretty much only useful for popping popcorn. 

I heat up a little olive oil, throw in about a cup, a cup and a quarter of popcorn and shake it every few minutes or so to prevent scorching. 

Once it's all popped, I pour my special mixture all over it. This special mixture is a blend of olive oil, butter, garlic powder, chili powder, Old Bay, lots of freshly ground pepper, salt, and a little curry powder - sounds gross, tastes F*CKING AWESOME! I heat it all up together to melt the butter and pour it over the popcorn in stages - pour, shake to distribute, pour, shake to distribute....

I have decided that super savory popcorn is a perfectly adequate supper in the summer. Especially when you finish it with chocolate ice cream slathered in marshmallow topping.

So what do YOU eat in the heat?


gillis said…
tabbouleh. the version i make has to be made a day in advance, because you don't cook the bulgur (you just let it soak up the olive oil and lemon juice and tomato and YUM). i also make sure that there's about twice as much tomato as there is onion or parsley. but when it's crazy hot out, NOTHING is as refreshing as eating a nice bowl of tabbouleh, maybe with some iced tea on the side.
and ice cream. apparently massachusetts has the most ice cream consumption per capita of any state? i'd believe it. soc's in saugus (HUGE chunks of cookie dough in their cookie dough ice cream!) and louie's in somerville are both great.
BGrahamLax said…
- Chunked up tomatoes with chunked up mozz. in balsamic vinagrette
- Beer
Annabelle B. said…
Gillis - I LOVE tabbouleh! I scoop it up with crackers and eat it until my stomach hurts. With iced mint tea... mmmm I want some right now!

BGrahamLax - tomatoes & mozzarella is SO good and I never thought of chunking them up. Great idea for couch eating!

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