Sneakety peekety

The kitchen is functional:


There are still details to finish:

Oh for the love of &^%#*@!!
Who gives a crapola about the deeeeetails?? 
I need more wine....
Fine, how does this compound miter saw work again? 

Seriously, when people tell you that your renovation will take twice as long as you think, my advice is to take THAT number and square it.

And the worst part is that after the hard part comes the fiddly part - fitting in the trim, working the little details, wiring the dishwasher in so the disposal will work, fiddly yet necessary details. Uhhhhhhhhhhhh I am just so ready to be done and also I am ready for the biggest nap ever. 

It's getting there. In the meantime here are a couple of sneaky peeks to keep us both going.

Last winter

Insulation and drywall.

Getting ever closer..... Yep those are gold bricks. Swanky!

Stop. Smell the flowers. Sneeze.

Getting there in the kitchen.
So as you can see, the kitchen/dining area is slowly coming together. I tiled the counters myself, my Dad ran the copper flashing through a machine to make it into trim, and I wired in the light over the sink.  The backsplash is plastic tin tile that I painted with Krylon Fusion paint in Dover Grey. 

I will post more photos when I slog through the fiddly bits. 


Betsy said…
Wow!! It looks incredible Annabelle! What an amazingly talented person you are! It just looks so warm and inviting. You rock!!

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