Sick person food

Well, I am not sick.

It's an allergy. That produces a lot of snot.
And coughing. And stuffiness. Oh and a scratchy throat.

And for the past few days I've had no sense of taste.

So it's plausible that someone could right now feed me cotton balls and I would think it's cotton candy. But that would be mean. :(

But when I think about what exactly I've been stuffing in the old pie hole, I am sort of surprised. For a sick person that is.

First of all, it hasn't been a lot of food exactly. I keep drinking hot toddy's for dinner - Irish penicillin.

I did eat a little pot pie at lunch. And about 6 spice cookies for dinner. And a handful of tiny little Italian star shaped pasta with a bit of tomato sauce and garlic.

Which sounds so virtuous and ailing until I just now remembered that last night's dinner was pesto chicken, cheesy broccoli, macaroni, rice pilaf, and hummus - followed by a massive chunk of supermarket sheet cake. That cake that I hate that I love. *sigh*

I really need to get back on the healthy eating hobby horse again, before I start eating jerky and corn nuts for breakfast.


Suldog said…
When I'm ill, I usually become absolutely ravenous. I don't know if it's psychological or physical, but it surely is, in any case.

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